iPhone & iPad Repairs

This is a current list of some of the most common repairs and prices for Apple iPhone and iPad devices. In general, we are able to do more repairs than even listed below!

iPhone 7

Screen Replacement$130

iPhone 6S Plus

Screen Replacement*

*Estimated; Prices fluctuate daily, please call for exact quote
Battery Replacement$50

iPhone 6S

Screen Replacement$125
Battery Replacement$50
Charging Port Replacement$60
Earpiece Replacement$50

iPhone 6

Screen Replacement$90
Charging Port Replacement$60
Battery Replacement$50
Home Button Repair$50
Camera Replacement$75
Earpiece Replacement$50

iPhone 6 Plus

Screen Replacement $115

Apple Watch

Screen Replacement (Screen & Glass Required to be replaced together)$250

iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, SE

Screen Replacement$70
Charging Port Replacement$60
Home Button$40
Battery Replacement$45
Rear Camera Replacement$55
Front Camera Replacement$40
Repair Info
This device takes approximately 20 minutes.
It is a moderate difficulty repair.

iPhone 4/4S


Screen Replacement$60
Back Glass Replacement$20
Back & Front Glass Combo$75
Charging Port$50
Battery Replacement$35
Camera Repair$50
Power/Lock Button$50-$75
Home Button$50
Headphone Jack$50-$75
Volume/Sound Buttons$50
Repair Info
This device takes approximately 20 minutes.
It is a moderate difficulty repair.

iPhone 3G/3GS


Glass Replacement$45
LCD (display) Replacement$50
Charging Port Replacement$40
Power/Lock Button$35
Repair Info
This device takes approximately 15 minutes.
It is a moderate difficulty repair.



Screen (Glass Only, Generations 1-4)$80
Screen (Glass & LCD, Generations 1-4)$150
Screen (Glass Only, iPad Mini 1 & 2) $90
Screen (Glass Only, iPad Mini 3)$110
Screen (Glass Only, iPad Air 1st Gen) $100
Screen (Glass & Screen Required, iPad Air 2nd Gen) $175
Charging Port Replacement (All Models)$75 (additional $30 charge if the unit needs a new glass/digitizer during the repair)
Repair Info
This device takes approximately 60 minutes.
It is an advanced difficulty repair. Heat gun required and a lot of patience.



4th Generation Screen Replacement$60
5th Generation Screen Replacement $100
5th Generation Battery Replacement$75
6th Generation Screen Replacement$100
Charging Port Replacement$80, limited models. Other models may need to be shipped to our external vendor for repair. Please call for details.

All prices are subject to change based on supply cost, labor cost, or other reasons. We do our best to maintain the accuracy of this page.