iPhone, iPad, Android Repairs, and More!


We do it all.

We do repairs on phones, tablets, and other devices at our Hooksett, NH location!

Our in-house expert service technicians are in-store, on-site, 7 days a week for the purpose of performing minor and major repairs on your cell phone no matter what type of cell phone. Have you shattered your LCD screen while rushing to an appointment? Has your toddler drooled all over your iPhone? Did you drown your smart phone? Does your phone turn on but fail to work looking like a blank slate?

When you visit us, one of our expert service technicians will be pleased to troubleshoot your ailing phone, and promptly provide you with a detailed estimate of what your repair will cost and how long it will take.

Every Cellular Freedom customer is also welcome to drop off their phone for timely repair. We’ll let you know as soon as possible about when to pick them up.

  • Liquid Damage / Water Damage
  • Cracked Glass, Screens, LCDs
  • Broken Hinges
  • Broken Housings
  • Broken Charging Ports
  • Missing Keys / Buttons


We guarantee everything we do.

We are so confident in our ability to do an excellent job repairing your device using our top quality parts, that we guarantee the cost of labor on the device for life! If you ever have any issues after we’ve done a repair, just bring it back and we will fix your problem. We always look to satisfy our customers, and repairs are no exception to that rule!

Summary: Problem with a repair? It’ll be fixed. For free.


Your iPhone Repair Specialist in New Hampshire

Our iPhone repair service is number one in New Hampshire. We have been able to fix nearly any broken, faulty or damaged iPhone that comes to our shop. We specialize in repairing all iPhone models! We are also able to fix any problem you might have with your iPhone.

Call us today 603-203-4544 for pricing and to see what we can do for you!